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Universal Pictures revela teaser e elenco do Dark Universe

Universal Pictures revela teaser e elenco do Dark Universe

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Dependendo de quem perguntes, A Múmia com o Tom Cruise é um filme que muitas pessoas estão à espera este verão de 2017, sendo eu um deles. Este reboot vai ser o lançamento oficial de um universo cinematográfico, ao estilo do da Marvel, mas em vez de super heróis vai ter monstros clássicos que a Universal tenha os direitos.

Hoje a Universal anunciou oficialmente o ser universo de monstros chamando-o de Dark Universe e mostra o algum do elenco que fará parte deste universo monstruoso. Abaixo fica a primeira foto do elenco do Dark Universe.

Como podem ver a Universal está a apostar fortemente nestes monstros pois colocou muitas e boas caras neste projecto. O Homem Invisível será interpretado por Johnny Depp e o protagonista do Monstro de Frankenstein será vencedor de um Oscar Javie Barden. Estes dois actores juntam-se a Tom Cruise como soldado, Russel Crowe como o Dr. Henry Jekyll e a Múmia Sofia Boutella. Para alem destes personagens a Universal também tem o direito do monstro da lagoa negra, Van Helsing, Dracula entre outros.

Aqui fica o comunicado oficial:

Universal Pictures announced today that its series of films reviving the studio’s classic monster characters for a new generation will be known as “Dark Universe.”  The motion logo for the new initiative features a musical theme composed by Danny Elfman and will debut in theaters preceding The Mummy, which will be released on June 9.  The announcement includes details of the enterprise relaunching Universal’s iconic characters into modern cinema, as well as confirmations of superstar cast and that Academy Award® winner Bill Condon will direct Bride of Frankenstein.  

Dark Universe was begun by core creatives Alex Kurtzman, who also serves as director and producer of The Mummy, the inaugural film in the new classic monster series, and The Mummy producer Chris Morgan, who recently saw The Fate of the Furious, the sixth film he wrote for the Fast & Furious franchise, claim the biggest opening in history at the global box office when it opened on April 14.  Also joining the enterprise to inspire and entertain a new generation are such visionary talents as Oscar winner® Christopher McQuarrie (Mission: Impossible series, The Usual Suspects) and David Koepp (War of the Worlds, Jurassic Park).

Dark Universe films will be distinguished by performances from some of the most talented and popular global superstars stepping into iconic roles, as well as electric new talents whose careers are starting to break through.  While previously announced, the stars of both imminent and future Dark Universe projects are gathered for the first time in the attached photo: The Invisible Man and Frankenstein’s Monster will be played by, respectively, blockbuster icon Johnny Depp and Academy Award® winner Javier Bardem, who appear together later this summer in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.  Those actors join superstar Tom Cruise as soldier of fortune Nick Morton and Oscar® winner Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jekyll, who lead the all-star cast of The Mummy, along with Sofia Boutella, the actress who embodies the title role in that film. 

At its organizing principle, Dark Universe films are connected by a mysterious multi-national organization known as Prodigium.  Led by the enigmatic and brilliant Dr. Henry Jekyll, Prodigium’s mission is to track, study and—when necessary—destroy evil embodied in the form of monsters in our world.  Working outside the aegis of any government, and with practices concealed by millennia of secrecy, Prodigium protects the public from knowledge of the evil that exists just beyond the thin membrane of civilized society…and will go to any length to contain it.

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