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A Practice Tool chegou finalmente aos servidores EUW no League of Legends com o update 7.3. Esta é uma ferramenta super prática e que à muito tempo era pedida pelos seus jogadores. Com esta ferramenta podemos treinar com novos champions antes de passar vergonhas em jogos. Podemos tambem experimentar novas builds e os nossos last hits sem ser vitimas de bots agressivos ou humanos salgados.

Sendo eu um novo gaiato a começar a jogar LoL isto vem mesmo a calhar para treinar os dodge e last hits que são ainda um pouco lastimaveis. Mas hey, o que interessa é participar e divertir… a não ser que estejas ranked.

Vamos lá então ver o que podemos fazer nesta practice tool.

practice tool

Auto-refresh cooldowns

After using an ability, the cooldown can be ignored completely, allowing you to use it again almost instantly.

Auto-refresh Health

When toggled on, you will have health regeneration that even Mundo would be jealous of. You are essentially unkillable.

Auto-refresh Mana/Energy

Spells don’t have a cost because your resources don’t drain. You can use spells with the same reckless abandon as a Ryze player.

Add gold

With just one click of this button, 10,000 gold will instantly be deposited into your inventory. With only five clicks you can afford the average AD Carry build!

Level up

Gain a level instantly.

Lock XP level

Toggling this on will force you to remain at your current level until you toggle off. This feature exists for if you really want to work on farming at level two on Zed, or to practice different level one jungle clears.

Teleport to cursor

This is the low-key coolest thing that you can do in this tool. You click it and then you teleport to anywhere on the map, instantly! Now you can instant-transmission your way across Summoner’s Rift Goku style. Ever wonder how quickly the enemy fountain could kill a level 1 Maokai? Wonder no further!


If you somehow manage to die in the practice tool, you can revive yourself instantly.

Toggle towers invincible

Towers cannot be destroyed with this toggle on.

Toggle tower fire

If turned on, the towers will not shoot at all, not at you, or your minions. It’s like Ohmwrecker … but useful.

Toggle minion spawn

You can turn minions on or off any time you want.

Fast forward 30 seconds

Moves the game to where it will be 30 seconds from now, allowing you to watch minion pushes or paint dry.

Reset game

If you really messed up everything, you didn’t lock your XP, you ran out of gold and don’t feel like pushing the gold button, you can start over with a new game entirely.

Spawn enemy dummy

You spawn a little Teemo on a stick that you can wail on to your heart’s content. It will give you damage numbers and take damage in real time but it cannot be defeated. Even if the health falls to zero, it will regenerate in a few seconds.

Spawn allied dummy

You spawn a little buddy that you can shield…I guess? I don’t know, if you really want to work on your Soraka skills, you can use this guy.

Clear target dummies

Removes all of the dummies from the map.

Spawn jungle camps

Spawns all camps in the jungle.

Spawn jungle plants

This will cause plants to essentially grow constantly.

Spawn Cloud drake

Spawn Mountain drake

Spawn Infernal drake

Spawn Ocean drake

Spawn Elder dragon

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